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At trAIDe, we connect you with the right business partner for a successful market entry. In 15 years of experience we have matched more than 500 companies and helped them build lasting cooperation's. We're dedicated to expanding your presence and driving growth in the German market.

Start your journey to success with a partner that understands your needs.

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Navigating German Market

Overcoming Market Entry Barriers in Germany

Entering the German market is a big step. You’re likely facing new cultural norms, complex business practices, and the need for reliable local connections. It can feel overwhelming, with risks of costly errors and missed opportunities. You need a trusted guide to navigate these challenges successfully.

Meet trAIDe

Your Gateway to the German Market

trAIDe is your expert partner in German market entry. With over 15 years of experience and having assisted over 500 foreign companies, our expertise is unique. We understand German business culture inside out and have an extensive network to local companies. Our team, led by Baris Tasar and Philip Okito, is dedicated to making your transition into the German market smooth and successful.

trAIDe's Promise

Boosting Your Business in Germany

Partner with trAIDe for growth in sales and market share in Germany. Experience the confidence that comes with expert guidance, and the empowerment of successful market penetration. With us, your operations are secure, paving the way for your business’s success in Germany.

Ready to conquer the German market? Join forces with trAIDe. Let’s achieve remarkable growth together.

"Your Bridge to Business
Success in Germany."

Key features

What sets us apart

15 years of Market-Entry Germany know-how

We know Germany. We have helped more than 500 foreign companies to enter the German market. We understand the challenges of a market entry. We are here to help you build a successful cooperation in Germany.

Extensive B2B Network in Germany:

Our connections span over 1000 German clients, including key distributors and manufacturers, ensuring you find the ideal partnership for thriving in the German marketplace.

Your Sales Implementation Partner in Germany:

We're your trusted partner for sales implementation in Germany, specializing in B2B marketing and sales through diverse channels like landing pages, email, LinkedIn, and phone acquisition.

That’s how it works

Entering the German market in 4 steps

Market Entry Strategy Development:

We analyze the German market, assess competitors, and focus on ensuring your product fits well with consumer preferences and demands in Germany.

Implementation Plan:

We then craft a detailed implementation plan using the Objective and Key Results (OKRs) approach to set clear, measurable goals.

Partner Identification:

Our network is utilized to identify crucial local partners and distributors, streamlining your market entry and establishment.

Growth Execution:

We guide your strategy implementation, using coaching to boost your team's skills, tracking OKRs for clear targets, and adjusting tactics for market success in Germany.

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What our customers say

"Enthusiastic and professional team that does the best for its clients"

Thomas Erkert, SBR Ingenieur

"We save time, we save money, yes, but also like we get a lot of input that helps us to talk the right way to the people that we meet."

Marc Collinet, CEO Adamus Group

"trAIDe brought us 5 interviews with different partners. These companies were really carefully selected and with two of them we started business"

Hamed Hossameldin, Construction Manager Raoulo Egypt

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Philip Okito

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