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This is trAIDe

We assist companies in entering the German market, identifying local business partners, and establishing prosperous collaborations.

trAIDe is your key to the German market, offering expertise in market entry, sourcing, and financing for foreign businesses. With a strong local network and leadership by Baris Tasar and Philip Okito, trAIDe provides seamless support for expanding your operations in Germany. From overcoming entry barriers to securing top suppliers and financing, trAIDe empowers your business for success. Connect with trAIDe for strategic growth and competitive advantage in Germany.

What sets us apart

15 years of Market-Entry Germany know-how

We know Germany. We have helped more than 500 foreign companies to enter the German market. We understand the challenges of a successful market entry. We are here to help you with your German cooperation.

Strong network of German Distributors & Manufacturers

We have more than 1000 German clients. We know their needs. With us you will find the right partner. We help you build a successful cooperation.

Access to financing from Germany

We understand the challenges of project financing. Together with our financial advisors we help you get access to German financial institutions.


Building cooperation's with Germany: trAIDe accompanies you on your way

We help you with several services all around your partnership building with Germany. Choose the services that best meets your needs:

Unlock Germany's Market Potential

Breaking into the German market? It’s no easy feat, especially with language barriers, cultural nuances, and the challenge of finding the right local connections. But here’s where trAIDe can make a difference for you.

Imagine having over 15 years of market entry expertise at your disposal. We’ve guided over 500 companies like yours, smoothing their path into Germany’s business landscape. Our team, spearheaded by seasoned experts Baris Tasar and Philip Okito, is your key to unlocking sales growth and strategic partnerships in this new market.

By choosing trAIDe, you’re not just getting advice; you’re gaining insider access to our extensive network of over 1000 German companies eager to collaborate. This means saving precious time and sidestepping the usual hurdles of entering a foreign market.

Let’s turn your German market ambitions into reality. With our guidance, you’ll find the right strategy, forge valuable connections, and see your business thrive in Germany. Reach out to trAIDe today, and let’s embark on this journey together

Source German Suppliers with trAIDe

Looking to source premium products from Germany or become a leading reseller for a top German brand? The challenges of language barriers, market unfamiliarity, and lacking a local network can be daunting for foreign manufacturing companies aiming to expand.

Meet trAIDe, your dedicated partner in navigating the German market. We specialize in market analysis, supplier sourcing, and negotiation support, designed to streamline your procurement process and establish lasting partnerships.

With trAIDe, you gain confidence and insight into securing the best deals and connecting with top suppliers in Germany. Start your success story with us today and source confidently from Germany. Reach out now to begin your journey towards successful sourcing and partnerships.

Secure Financing from Germany

Unlock the Power of German Financing with trAIDe: Your Gateway to Affordable and Tailored Financial Solutions for Global Projects

Dive into a world where high interest rates, currency fluctuations, and funding access challenges are a thing of the past. Discover how trAIDe’s expert services, including Export Financing Consultancy, a Diverse Funding Network, Grant Application Assistance, and Project Financial Modeling, can transform your project’s financial outlook.

Benefit from cost-effective financing, expert business plan support, and comprehensive application guidance. Experience the confidence and support needed to navigate the complex terrain of global financing.

Click to learn how trAIDe can empower your international ambitions with ease and efficiency.

Market Entry Germany

Seamless Integration with trAIDe’s Expertise

B2B Sourcing Germany

Unlock Opportunities with trAIDe’s Expert Guidance

Financing from Germany

Your Gateway to Project Financing in Germany


Export Mastery Training - Ihr Wegweiser zum globalen Triumph!

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5.000.000+ €

Fee costs

100.000.000+ €

Sales increases achieved

Our industry expertise

Healthcare industry

Pharmaceutical and medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, eHealth, hospital equipment, geriatric products

+300 clients consulted

Environmental technology

(Waste) water management, waste management, environmental technology, recycling management, energy efficiency 

+150 clients consulted

Civil security technology

Security engineering, security technologies and services 

+100 clients consulted

Food & Food processing industry

Mechanical and plant engineering, packaging technology and machinery in the agricultural and food industry 

+50 clients consulted

This is trAIDe


Philip Okito

Managing Director trAIDe

As Managing Director of trAIDe GmbH and with a great passion for other cultures and foreign markets, Philip Okito has already overseen hundreds of business initiations all over the world. 

Baris Tasar

Managing Director trAIDe

As Managing Director and passionate salesman, Baris Tasar is responsible for consulting and sales at trAIDe GmbH and is available to you as a competent partner for all your questions. 

Our vision

We see a future in which win-win co-operation between international companies contributes to solving global challenges. Through partnerships of equals, we create dynamic learning environments in which we all benefit and grow from each other. 

Our goals

We build bridges between industrialized nations and emerging markets by promoting sustainable, equitable cooperation. Our goal is 10,000 such partnerships, focusing on growth sectors that both improve living standards and protect the environment. 


Baris Tasar

Managing Director trAIDe

As Managing Director and passionate salesman, Baris Tasar is responsible for consulting and sales at trAIDe GmbH and is available to you as a competent partner for all your questions. 

free of charge & without obligation


What our customers say

"Enthusiastic and professional team that does the best for its clients"

Thomas Erkert, SBR Ingenieur

"We save time, we save money, yes, but also like we get a lot of input that helps us to talk the right way to the people that we meet."

Marc Collinet, CEO Adamus Group

"trAIDe brought us 5 interviews with different partners. These companies were really carefully selected and with two of them we started business"

Hamed Hossameldin, Construction Manager Raoulo Egypt

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Questions and Answers

The trAIDe business initiation process is a customised approach to help companies enter the German market. Based on the specific requirements and goals of your company, we identify suitable distribution and co-operation partners and support you in initiating and maintaining business relationships.

trAIDe distinguishes itself with over 15 years of experience, a strong network of distributors, and industry experts in focus areas, resulting in over 500 successful collaborations from 20 nations.

At trAIDe, we value close co-operation and direct communication with our clients. In our many years of working with thousands of companies, we have learnt to take a wide variety of objectives into account. This allows us to perfectly customise the business initiation process to your specific requirements to ensure that your business objectives are considered and achieved. 

trAIDe offers both group training and individual coaching programmes aimed at strengthening your knowledge and skills in the areas of export and international business development. These programmes are practice-oriented and include topics such as market analysis, business initiation, distributor management and contract negotiation. 


trAIDe has extensive experience in the implementation of government-funded projects for economic development. We have successfully implemented a large number of projects in close cooperation with various institutions. In addition to the aforementioned market development programmes since 2010, we have also been running manager training programmes for foreign entrepreneurs for the Ministry of Economic Affairs since 2014. This has enabled us to further expand our extensive network of distributors and buyers. 

The duration of the business initiation process can vary, as it strongly depends on the specific requirements and goals of your company. Please contact us for more detailed information. 

trAIDe has successfully brought a wide range of industries into new markets, including healthcare, water management, circular economy, renewable energies and security technology. However, this list is not exhaustive. If you would like to know whether we can help you with your specific project, simply contact us. 

At trAIDe, we have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with customs and export regulations. We can assist your company in complying with these regulations and help you make the process of doing business and exporting as smooth as possible.

If you are interested or have further questions, you have various options for contacting us. 

You can use the contact form on our contact page to get in touch with us. 

We are also available by e-mail at or by telephone on + 49 (0) 221 93544511. 

If you are interested in a more detailed discussion, please feel free to arrange a consultation with us. 

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Are you interested in one of our projects? Then book a consultation now. We will be happy to present the project to you.

Philip Okito

General Manager and Co-Founder

free of charge & without obligation

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