trAIDe: Together. Global. Boundless. 

 Started as the vision of two childhood friends, trAIDe has developed into the leading interface for international co-operation. Our roots lie in our passion for global connections, our drive for positive change in the environment and living standards. With over a decade of experience, projects in 30+ countries and a diverse team, we are more than just a companywe are your partner for international cooperation 

Creation of the trAIDe 

A common game, two different paths in life and a meeting point on the horizonthat is the story of Baris Tasar and Philip Okito. They met as basketball players in their youth. While Baris continued his education in England with a degree from an elite boarding school and a degree in media studies, Philip remained loyal to the sport and achieved impressive success up to the 1st Bundesliga.

But fate brought them together again. Baris, already working in international trade, and Philip, now a mechanical engineer, quickly realised that their talents made an unbeatable combination. Looking at the diversified industries of the future in Germany, they recognised a clear gap in the market and asked themselves the question: “Should we fill this gap?” 

trAIDe GmbH 

 With a clear goal in mind, Baris and Philip founded trAIDe GmbH in 2008 – a company that helps others to forge international collaborations. The first major breakthrough came in 2010 with a project to support East German companies entering the Serbian market. This success opened the doors to the the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Affairs and established trAIDe as a reliable partner for numerous market development projects. With over 1500 companies advised and an impressive list of public clients, trAIDe can look back proudly on its success story. But behind every successful project is a team

Our mission 

The mission remains constant: To support companies in international co-operations. Whether through coaching, consulting or training – trAIDe stands by companies. With a clear focus on industries that have a positive impact on the environment and living standards and projects in over 30 countries, we have developed into a global player. Our 15-strong cross-cultural team, with members from countries such as Germany, Turkey, Congo and many others, brings a wealth of experience and perspectives to the work. Whilst we always strive to integrate innovative approaches, our heart and soul lies in the areas of project management, project procurement and B2B matchmaking. 

This is trAIDe today

trAIDe in the year 2024 

What we do

trAIDe supports companies in international co-operations. Our core competences lie in project management, project procurement and B2B matchmaking. Over 1500 companies already rely on our advice for successful co-operations. 

Who are we?

Founded by Baris Tasar and Philip Okito, trAIDe combines different backgrounds into a strong mission. Our success is based on a 15-strong intercultural team and loyal companions who bring diversity and expertise to the table. 

Why do we do this?

Our vision at trAIDe is to promote win-win co-operation worldwide. We build bridges between nations, strive for sustainable partnerships and are committed to prosperity and environmental protection. 

The Team behind trAIDe

trAIDe, led by Baris Tasar and Philip Okito, has stood for international expertise for 15 years. Our 15-strong team combines worldwide experience with expertise in project management and B2B matchmaking. With projects in 30 countries, we have a global presence and are future-orientated. 


Philip Okito

Philip Okito, mechanical engineer and founder of trAIDe GmbH, is a renowned internationalisation expert with extensive networks in the water and healthcare industries and an impressive track record of over 50 project management assignments for top clients.

Baris Tasar

Baris Tasar, with over 15 years of experience as a renowned internationalisation expert, is one of the founders of trAIDe and a sought-after B2B trainer in the field of agile sales, marketing and e-commerce. With a degree in communication and media studies and a deep industry network, particularly in the fields of healthcare, water management and security technologies, he has successfully managed over 50 international projects.

Annamirl Baumgartner

Annamirl Baumgartner is an experienced project manager with an MBA and a Master's degree in International Management & Intercultural Communication.

Dietrich Schartner

Dietrich Schartner, Bachelor of Arts in International Information Management and Linguistics, is an experienced project manager who previously worked for the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK Russia).

Fabian Kienzler

Fabian Kienzler is a junior project manager and experienced in media and business psychology as well as change management and digital transformation.

Hannah Jurkat

Hannah Jurkat, an economist with a Bachelor's degree, is a project manager with experience in project work for market development programmes in Germany and abroad.

Luisa Kondring

Luisa Kondring is a Junior Project Manager with experience in the implementation of market development programmes and international project management.

Simon Knapstein

Simon Knapstein, an economist specialising in political science, supports trAIDe with his experience in international project management and public relations.

Svenja Riemer

Svenja Riemer is a project manager at trAIDe GmbH. Together with her team, she successfully implements the manager training programme and acts as an all-rounder within the company.

Tobias Hegelow

Tobias Hegelow is an experienced project manager with a Master's degree in International Sport Development and Politics from the German Sport University Cologne and outstanding skills in intercultural communication exchange, project planning and tender management.

Wilfried Maus

There are few people who know German foreign trade as well as Wilfried Maus. As a Senior Advisor, he supports trAIDe with his many years of experience as an export manager (at Merck Darmstadt, KHD Deutz) and foreign trade consultant (at Germany Trade and Invest/GTAI).

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